Zachary Brooks


Intro ...

June 21, 1998 was like any other Sunday. I went to the beach to play sand soccer, but on this occasion I broke my toe. A simple x-ray and blood draw turned my life up-side-down. My kidneys were failing. Over the next nine years I would go on dialysis twice and receive two kidney transplants. The first came from my father and the second from my mother. After receiving my second transplant in June 2007 from my mother, I decided to dedicate my health to my parents and help promote “Donate Life” and transplantation awareness.

With the 2008 U.S. Transplant Games quickly approaching, I decided that competing would be a perfect opportunity to show off my re-found health. I decided to compete in the swimming, running, and cycling. To prepare, I began racing in time trials all over Southern California. Each day I trained I became stronger, each day the breaths of life given to me by my mother and father propelled me further. Since then I have competed in two US Transplant Games and one World Transplant Games.  I take it as personal mission to compete in order to demonstrate that transplantation works and celebrate the double “Gift of Life” from my parents.

    As always, I will be representing those who have helped me and for those who are waiting for transplants all over the world. Upon hearing that my kidneys were failing, images of being unable to move normally flashed before me. Fortunately, my doctor introduced me to a woman who while on dialysis was competing in various events. She inspired me. My only hope is that I can return her favor -- Pay it Forward.

    In 2011, I will compete in the World Transplant Games in Gothenburg, Sweden with thousands of athletes from all over the world. My goal is to raise money for the flight,  registration, accommodation, and uniforms. While the total cost will be roughly $3,000, fortunately I have secured funding for the flight.

    In 2011, 1 out of 9 Americans suffers from chronic kidney disease CKD. In honor of the 1 out 9 Americans who suffer from, I am asking for donations of $20, $11, or $9 for this year’s World Transplant Games. Or you can contribute your own amount. There are two ways to donate:

  1. 1.donate through (non tax-deductible)

  2. 2.donate through the National Kidney Foundation (tax-deductible)

I appreciate your support. Get screened today. Live well.

Zachary S Brooks

Team USA

February 2011

Countdown to World Transplant Games 2011

Zachary Brooks - Elite Transplant Athlete - Gothenburg, Sweden June 17-24 2011